Du Battery Saver, Keep Your Device up Longer, Play Harder

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Du-Battery-Saver-LogoSummer is here, bringing that itch to get out of the house and spend some time. Since we’re smartphone-toting connected-people, we make sure that all of our friends and family stay up-to-date with statuses, posts, and photos.

The typical smartphone won’t be able to keep up with all-day use of maximum screen brightness (we’re outdoors, of course), photos, videos, and everything we push our gadgets to do.

Of course, an external battery pack is an easy and efficient solution, but so is the right kind of app to streamline smartphone use.

Du Battery Saver, a leading battery saving app for Android devices, has released version 3.0 of its battery-saving app. This new redesign shows you the information you want to know while also enabling you to extend your battery life.

Du-Battery-Saver-ChartNot only is the new Du Battery Saver interface stylized and pretty to look at, but it gives you quick access to overall battery usage, usage broken down by app and hardware, and saver settings.

There is an “Optimize” button that, when pressed, analyzes all running apps and hardware. Not only does it give recommendations on how to save on energy (which are  easy for anyone to understand), but it can also clear out apps running in the background. It then shows you how much additional battery time you just recouped.

I, personally, have tested this app out against my current (now former) battery saver/monitoring app, GSAM Battery Monitor. After a week of comparison, I’ve uninstalled GSAM and am sticking with Du Battery. Not only is Du Battery Saver far superior in terms of estimating the battery time left, but the layout is cleaner and not bogged down with excessive information.

Du Battery Saver is free to download, but those who want a extra benefits can purchase the full version for only $2.99. The major benefit is the “AutoClear Background Apps” feature.

With this feature enabled, your smartphone will auto-clear background apps with a timer you can set between 5 and 25 minutes. This excludes any system apps that are required to maintain stability.

Have protection or mobile security apps? No problem. The AutoClear Background Apps feature lets you whitelist any app you want, making sure they always run and are never stopped.

You can find additional photos and full information on all the features of Du Battery Saver from their website Download the Du Battery Saver app on Google Play.

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