Windows Phone 8 GDR2 Update, Major Bug Fixes Wont Come Until 2014

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We have some disappointing news for all those users eagerly waiting for the Windows Phone 8 GDR2 Update. Microsoft published a GDR2 updated changelog that focused on bug fixes and will be rolled out very soon. The list of features includes the restoration of FM Radio, fixes to Xbox Music and DataSense app that helps users manage their phone’s data usage.


Other features include some needed improvement in browsing experience by improving HTML5 compatibility for Internet Explorer, Skype fixes and Gmail CalDav/CardDav support, along with some other general bug fixes. Considering the fact that it has been almost eight months since Microsoft introduced its popular Windows Phone 8 OS, and with such features, it surely doesn’t cater to any major bugs or new features.

It has also been revealed that the major updates will be rolled out in early 201 4 with the introduction of Windows Phone Blue update. The features expected to launch with Blue update includes a notification center, improved multitasking, and some big changes to the pre-installed Windows Phone 8 apps.

Do make a note that the GDR3 update is expected to launch by the end of this year, bringing some important features such as support for 5/6-inch displays with 1080p resolution and quad-core processors.

Windows Phone 8 has gained a lot of market share since Nokia took it as a platform for its future devices. But the truth is, that Windows Phone 8 devices still lacks in terms of better hardware. There are no quad-core chipsets in any Windows Phone 8 devices and personally, I doubt we will see it anytime soon, at least this year.

There are rumors that GDR3 will bring support to all these features but I won’t believe them until and unless there is an official release date from the company. It appears as if Windows Phone 8 still have a lot of ground to cover in order to compete with other platforms.


<Source: The Verge>

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  • anthonyx26

    This article title and body doesn’t make any sense. Gdr2 in 2014 but gdr3 by the end of the year??? All indications are that gdr2 will be released this month. Maybe you meant wp9/blue in 2014? That would be in line w what most other sites are reporting.

    • Hammad Saleem

      Hello Anthony,

      It is written Windows Blue (the major) update will release in 2014, GDR2 expected soon while gdr3 by the end of the year. Please read the article :)

  • Tim Fenton

    The title of the story is definitely misleading. Looks to say WP8 GDR2 Update has major bug fixes and wont come until 2014… it doesn’t look like you are separating GDR2 and the major bug fixes… The article does clarify this though