Deal Alert: Best Buy iPad Trade-In Promo Today and Tomorrow Only

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Hot on the heels of their successful iPhone trade-in program (which my husband took advantage of), Best Buy is now running an iPad trade-in program. Bring in an iPad 2 or third-gen and get at least $200 in the form of a store gift card.

Depending on your model, you might even get more.

While not quite as good as the iPhone program (where you could effectively get an iPhone 5 for free), it’s still a good deal if you have an older iPad that you’d like to upgrade. $200 off makes a 16GB iPad fourth-gen quite affordable at $299. Or an iPad mini would be just $129.

I’d seriously consider it, but my iPad 2 is meeting my needs quite well. While I’d like the Retina display, it’s not a “must-have” for me right now. What about you?

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  • Jeff Sturges

    Nope; keeping my ipad 2. Next to iphone 5 it’s all I need for entertainment, returning emails both work and pleasure. However, and this is only my opinion, my pc will never go away especially for work. Neither my ipad or iphone gives me that Capt. Jame T. Kirk feeling when I’m at work!

  • Barry Klein

    Too bad not for Ipad1. Mine is hanging so often with new apps it’s getting really annoying. See people complaining about memory errors etc.