The Bradley, a Sophisticated Timepiece That Works on Touch

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eone LogoWith all of the latest company information, drama, or sneak-peaks at the new hottest digital gadgets to be released, it’s easy to overlook “older” technology.

Sometimes, though, older or simple designs can be revolutionary and create an even greater impact than expected — possibly even bigger than the smartwatches we’re so eager for.

Bradley timepiece watch armThe Bradley is a tactile timepiece (not a watch) that not only lets you see what time it, it lets you feel what time it is. A front ball bearing acts as the minute hand while a side ball bearing acts as the hour hand.

The ball bearings are connected magnetically to the watch movement. So even if they’re bumped and dislodged, a quick shake will re-position them correctly. Raised marks on the face make it easy to feel the hours and minutes.

The body is made of titanium and the band is made of a choice of stainless steel mesh or a leather and fabric combo. Even though the Bradley is a sophisticated piece of fashion-meets-function engineering, it was made with the visually impaired in mind.

Bradley timepiece watchCurrently, the visually impaired have two choices of watches to tell time: talking watches and analog watches. Both prove irksome, either being difficult to use in noisy environments or breaking too easily.

By producing a universal, inclusive design, Eone has created the Bradley to be a unique melding of classic and modern aesthetic.

The Bradley has quickly surpassed its funding goal, with 29 days left to go. To get one of your own, visit the Bradley Kickstarter page and set your pledge. For additional information, you can visit, which is an amazingly-crafted site that tells the story of The Bradley.

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