Updated Version of Acer Iconia W3 Could Come in September, Higher-Res IPS Panel in Tow

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Acer-Iconia-w3Acer’s Iconia W3 might be a breath of fresh air for Windows 8 tablets in terms of pricing, size and “ecosystem” diversity, but ultimately it’s not exactly a stunning piece of technology. That 8-inch display sports a 1,280 x 800 pixels resolution, which results in a sub-par 186 ppi pixel density.

Plus, it’s TN-LCD, so the viewing angles and overall brightness are far from ideal. The dual-core Intel Atom Z2760 processor is not so hot either, but fret not, as rumor has it Acer is already working on an improved Iconia W3.

We don’t know yet if said upgraded tab will feature any tweaks in the processing department, but at least as far as the screen is concerned, things will be better. The new panel will boast an improved resolution (fingers crossed for Full HD) and should also be of the higher quality IPS variety.

The kicker is, despite the improvements, Acer will look to keep the tablet’s starting price around the $400 figure, so it definitely sounds like the W3 follow-up (W4?) has what it takes to become a hit.

Expect the slate to be up on store shelves sometime in September, at which point there’s more than a outside shot other Windows 8-powered 7 or 8-inchers will be available. Are things finally looking up for Win 8? You tell us.


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