Nokia Rivendale, HTC Z4 and Amazon GLP70 Codenames Show Up, But What Do They Stand For?

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nokia-lumia-1020Perennial source of gossip @evleaks is normally very clear-cut with his spills of information, having brought us in the last few months numerous press shots of unreleased devices, unofficial spec sheets and so on.

But sometimes he also likes to keep us guessing, tweeting very ambiguous things, like codenames of smartphones or tablets. That’s exactly what he’s done a few hours ago, revealing the following vague monikers – Nokia Rivendale, HTC Z4, Amazon GLP70, Lenovo Aupres and Snoopy.

Right off the bat, I want you to understand the true identity of all those devices is under lock and key for now. That said, we can’t help but speculate.

For instance, the Nokia Rivendale is likely to be the company’s next flagship device for AT&T. Rumor has it it will essentially be an aluminum-made Lumia 1020 with the same impressive 41 MP PureView camera, but we can’t verify that yet.

What we can do is move on to the HTC Z4, whose codename resembles the M4’s (aka One Mini’s) a little too much for it to be a coincidence. We can therefore assume the Z4 will also be a “Mini” device, maybe for the rumored Windows Phone-based One.

The Amazon GLP70 is unfortunately an even tougher nut to crack, but chances are it’s the Kindle Fire HD follow-up we’ve been hearing so much of late. Either that, or a mystery Kindle smartphone.

Finally, as far as the Lenovo Aupres and Snoopy are concerned, the codenames are so unusual that I really can’t make any suppositions at this time. But would I ever buy a “Snoopy”? Hell yeah!


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