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The Ridge iPad caseHaving taken advantage of the recent Best Buy trade-in program and securing myself a shiny new iPad, I found myself in need of a case. My old iPad 2 case didn’t quite fit the fourth generation model. I like slim cases that don’t cover the bezel, and I decided to try the Ridge model by Devicewear. While it’s a decent case, it didn’t wow me.

First we’ll start with the good stuff. It is slim and doesn’t add much bulk or weight to the iPad. It’s a bit bulkier than the Apple-branded Smart Case (which is what I ended up using instead), but not much. You’d only notice if you set them side by side.

The vegan leather feels good and smells decent out of the package. There’s a slight chemical odor but nothing close to what you’ll smell on plastic cases.

There are supposedly six different positions for the case, and assuming one of them is flat, with the case folded over, I found all six. The case has ridges and a little lip that fits in the ridges to keep the case secure in the upright positions, like this one:

The Ridge iPad case

I’m not as happy with the flat typing position (for using the on-screen keyboard). It didn’t feel secure and kept collapsing on me. The Smart Case is far more secure in this position.

Ridge in flat position

It also seems fair to warn that getting the iPad into the case is a hassle. To be fair, I had similar problems with the Smart Case, but it’s at least flexible, and I was sure I had the iPad securely in the case. After fiddling for a while with the Ridge, I thought I had it in there, but I wasn’t certain.

I returned the Ridge and kept the Smart Case, which doesn’t have as good positioning for typing with a Bluetooth keyboard but was slimmer, and I was able to be sure I had the iPad inserted securely.

I’ll give the Ridge 3 1/2 stars.

[easyazon-image align=”none” asin=”B007PA1K84″ locale=”us” height=”145″ src=”” width=”160″][easyazon-image align=”none” asin=”B008BVZXUM” locale=”us” height=”137″ src=”” width=”160″][easyazon-image align=”none” asin=”B00A6VAVJ8″ locale=”us” height=”137″ src=”” width=”160″]

Update: I take back what I said about the iPad not being secure in the case. When I went to take it back out of the case, I can’t. It’s definitely secure. So secure that I think I’m stuck with this case, even though it’s not my preference. I have no desire to break either my iPad or the case by messing around with it further.

So if you want a case that’s so secure you’ll never be able to remove your iPad, this is the one for you. But for obvious reasons, I can’t recommend that, which is why my rating is so low.

New Rating: 2 stars.

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  • Jane

    You clearly did not read the instructions for setting it up in typing. This is by no means a perfect case, but you undersell it based on ignorance.

  • Juli Monroe

    Setting it up for typing was the least of my worries. Getting the iPad in and out was a far bigger concern. I finally did get it out, but it was a struggle. Glancing over the reviews on Amazon, lots of people noted it didn’t fit the iPad 4 properly, which matches my experience.

  • Sharon

    Our son’s best friend (he’s like a 2nd son to us!) SURPRISED me w/a gift of The Ridge IPad cover by Design Wear! WHAT a delightful, practical & useful surprise!! I really like it a LOT! Didn’t know WHAT I was missing till I put this cover on my IPad! Now, I can lie in bed & watch movies, play my games & not worry about my hand straining to keep my IPad in one position! It’s a GREAT product, VERY WELL made, sturdy & SO practical!! I am one lucky lady to have someone care enough about my “viewing pleasure” to gove me THIS!