Motorola DROID Ultra Shows Up in Flashy Red, Looks Ready to Partay

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Motorola Droid UltraO hai, Motorola DROID Ultra, what brings you back in the limelight? You come bearing gifts, you say? Oh, it’s just a new paint job. Too bad, I thought we were going to get some updates on that still very secretive spec sheet.

But hey, not everyone cares about specs, especially since most Android high-enders nowadays look essentially the same on the inside, so I reckon a few fashionistas and tech-savvy chicks will very much dig the red Ultra.

Oh, alright, I like it too. Don’t know if I’d ever buy it, but it’s real nice eye candy, that’s for sure. And according to the always well-informed @evleaks, this crimson variant of Motorola’s upcoming flagship will be available right off the bat, alongside the less exotic white and black models.

Rumor has it the Droid Maxx and Mini will only land in black and white and we should expect the trio to be official come July 23. That’s when Verizon is expected to hold a special unveiling event, with actual sales tipped to start on August 8.

Remember, the Ultra is likely to sport a 5-inch Full HD screen, quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 processor, Android 4.2 or 4.3 and 2 GB RAM. Big Red will have US exclusivity over the handheld, with Europe rumored to get it sometime in August too, of course sans the “Droid” branding.


<Source: The Unlockr>

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