Windows Phone GDR2 Updates Rolling Out for HTC 8X

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Few days back, we reported that the much awaited Windows Phone 8 GDR2 update has been rolling out for the unlocked version of Samsung Ativ S. So I guess it’s time for HTC to join the GDR2 update party as well. It has been reported that the unlocked version of HTC 8X has started receiving Windows Phone 8 GDR2 update as well.

HTC Windows Phone 8X

Confirmed features included in the update are improved DataSense, FM Radio, HTML5 improvements for Internet Explorer, bug fixes and performance improvements with VoIP applications such as Skype, you can also set a camera application of choice and much more.

However, the major update to look out for is the GDR3, which is expected to launch by the end of this year. The update will bring many much needed features such as quad-core processor support, 1080p resolution and much more.

If you are using the unlocked version of HTC 8X, be sure to share with us if you received the update. If you have not received the update yet, dont worry, the roll out process is slow and will roll out to all devices within a few days. Let us know about the improvements you can notice on your device.


<Source: PhoneArena>

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  • Eddie McGeough

    I received the GDR2 update on my unbranded HTC 8X on O2.

    No data sense and no way to use a default lens for the camera. The option is there but will not let you change it. I thought these were two of the main additions?