Cocoon SLIM Backpack, With Smart GRID-IT Storage

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Coccoon-LogoWith so many different gadgets on-hand for different purposes and situations, it eventually becomes necessary to find the right type of carrier to bring it all with you.

Popular choices are backpacks, messenger bags, and sling-bags. These typically pack enough pockets to store gadgets and accessories while providing appropriate style and support.

Coccoon SLIM backpack openProblems common with many bags are imperfect pocket sizes or too much overall bulk. With either bag, having too many items leads to clutter, and those who have only a handful of gadgets end up with too much excess bag space.

Cocoon Innovations, the award-winning creator of GRID-IT organizers, stylish bags and cases, has announced the availability of SLIM, Cocoon’s perfectly designed tech backpack.

Coccoon SLIM backpack open sideSLIM features pockets designed to hold a 13- or 15-inch Ultrabook, a tablet and documents. But the best part of Cocoon’s SLIM is the full-size GRID-IT pocket within the backpack.

GRID-IT is a woven grid of rubberized elastic straps that lets you store cables, gadgets and accessories vertically. The straps vary in opening size, allowing users to adjust the contents around for the best fit.

Not only do you not have to dig around in a bag, but all of the items are fully visible.

When fully-packed, SLIM is only 3.5 inches thick, making it a truly slim and streamlined way to carry all your belongs with you in a smart way.

The SLIM backpack is available exclusively at, Apple retail stores, and, for $79.99.



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