Pocket Informant 3 Now Integrated With Evernote

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Pocket Informant 3Was I ever a happy camper today when I went to upgrade Pocket Informant 3 and discovered Evernote integration. My two favorite apps now talk to each other!

You can specify which notebooks are synced to Pocket Informant. Fair warning, though: Your main notebook is always sycned, and I couldn’t find a way to turn that off. My main notebook has more than 3/4 of my notes, and I wasn’t sure I wanted them all synced, but it doesn’t seem to have hurt anything yet, so we’ll see…

The two apps talk to each other in logical ways. Reminders set in Evernote show up as Tasks on the appropriate days in Pocket Informant. As soon as Reminders showed up in Evernote, I wanted this feature, and they didn’t make me wait long. If you create a note in Pocket Informant, you can set it to be a Reminder in Evernote. Clearing a Reminder in one clears it in the other as well.

Here’s what an Evernote Reminder looks like in Pocket Informant:

Reminder in Pocket Informant

Note that the Reminder in question was originally an email, so you can now link everything together for a perfect task/calendar management system. Send an email to Evernote and then make it a Reminder to show up in Pocket Informant. If you’re a time management geek, it doesn’t get better than this.

And here’s a Note created in Pocket Informant and synced back to Evernote, complete with a Reminder set.

Note from Pocket Informant

Obviously I’m excited. Pocket Informant is becoming a great app this year. I can hardly wait to see what they come up with next.

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