Rumor: Samsung Smartwatch May Be Unveiled in September with Galaxy Note III

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SAMSUNGWearable tech is in our future, we’re just unsure how near it is. Smartwatches are no longer in the concept phase and we’ve seen them hit the market already (by independent companies like Pebble and large ones too, like Sony.) Speculations about Apple’s team working on a smartwatch have circled around and basically the same can be said for nearly every major OEM.

Surfaced on Tuesday, a new rumor says that Samsung, who is currently working on multiple smart devices, may be unveiling their new “Samsung Gear” smartwatch this coming September. The announcement is said to happen at the same event that will launch the next-generation Galaxy Note III phablet.

The report, spotted on SamMobile comes from the Patently Apple site and points out that the source of said information is unknown and the news is very much speculation.

Regardless, we’re most likely in for some more leaks and related info in the next two months — that’s a long time in the consumer tech world!


<Source: SamMobile via Patently Apple>

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