NFC Ring Brings Personalized Automation as Wearable Tech

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Wearable tech is gaining a lot of interest and innovation, with smartwatches being the next big thing. Supposedly. Google Glass is out, but it’s not quite available to a regular consumer due to the price.

If you want something now and if you like the idea of superpowers (almost), then you’ll want to hop on over the the NFC Ring Kickstarter page.

NFC RingsThe NFC Ring delivers a combination of personal and practical, which can ultimately end up being quite powerful. The NFC Ring can let you unlock your smartphone with just a touch. If you have an NFC lock kit for a door, you can unlock and walk in your house with a wave of your hand.

You can share information or links with other people, or run a custom set of apps all at once.

And that’s just the beginning. The developers are taking in ideas from the community in order to create or showcase more uses for the ring for the future.

The NFC Ring doesn’t require any batteries or charging. It’s made of RFID protection, an inlay cover, and two NFC inlays all wrapped around a titanium / steel ring. One NFC inlay is for public information, while the second one is for private information.

The software platform is open-source, and the developer has a website for more information and documentation.

The rings are sized to fit and you can choose the color of inlays as well as an inlay design. So what are you waiting for? Hit up the NFC Ring Kickstarter page and get your very own “precious.”

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