IK Multimedia Begins Shipping iKlip Stand for iPad and iPad mini

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iklip_stand3When it comes to mobile music making, IK Multimedia is the industry’s headliner, with their name decked out in lights on the marquee out front. Their iRig family of music production, recording and performance apps work seamlessly with their companion hardware, setting the stage right on your iPad or computer.

Announced today, IK Multimedia began to ship their awesomely simple iKlip stand for your iPad or iPad mini. Although it’s built tough and ruggedized for gigging with — as all IK products are — iKlip stand can be just as effective in the kitchen, office or any other place you use your tablet.


The stand is manufactured in Italy from durable and lightweight thermoplastic with a metal-reinforced base. Set-up takes only a few seconds out of the box and it’s height is adjustable for a perfect, custom position. It’s 360-degree rotating ball-joint is rigid and sturdy enough to absorb rocking (out) and can easily switch from a portrait to landscape layout.


An excellent bonus is it’s clamp feature located at the base, which will free up a maximum amount of space on your work surface. It is interchangeable with its horse-shoe shaped, flat bottom, perfectly designed for sliding under and behind your performance gear, laptop, effects, etc.

Immediately I picture myself in my home audio studio using the iKlip stand, sitting right below my piano synthesizer and easily jamming through IK’s SampleTank software. If you have similar daydreams, the iKlip can be your solution as well. For ordering info, check out IK Multimedia’s website, here. And while visiting, be sure to check out their entire line of powerful music apps and integrated electronic instruments.

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