Images of Sony Xperia i1 Honami Spotted Alongside Xperia Z

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As I said before as well, the next few months are going to be pretty action-packed. With so many devices in the pipeline, it’s going to be an exciting quarter. One of the much anticipated devices includes Sony’s Honami i1. We have seen a number of leaked images of the handset along with the alleged specifications. Today, we have yet another set of images of the flagship device alongside Sony Xperia Z.

Xperia Honami i1

The rumor suggests that the device will feature a similar design as Sony Xperia Z, being a bit longer and wider than its sibling device. The images also give us a sneak peak of the camera application and the interface of the software.

Here are the leaked photos:

Xperia Honami i1 sony-honami-2 sony-honami-3 sony-honami-4 sony-honami-5 sony-honami-6

In terms of specifications, the device will feature a 5-inch Triluminos display boasting a 1080p resolution. The device will be powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 quad-core processor clocked at 2.25 GHz, 16GB internal storage, 2GB RAM, 20MP rear camera and a massive 3,000 mAh battery. On the software side, the device.

This is all we have for you today. I know it’s a rumor you should not rely on completely, but it does appear that we will see one powerful device that will face some serious competition from flagships of other companies. But we cannot say right now if its going to rise up to the top, for that we will have to wait for the official launch.

Sony Xperia Honami is expected to launch in Berlin at IFA.

<Source: GSMArena>

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