App Review: “Buy Me a Pie!” Syncs Your Grocery List to All Your Mobile Devices

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Buy Me a Pie! LogoSometimes it’s nice to see an app that does one thing extremely well. Buy Me a Pie! is a grocery list app, and that’s all it does. From what I’ve seen, it does it well, and it’s got some sweet features.

To start with the basics, it’s easy to create your list.

Create list

Start typing, and the app will suggest items that match. It remembers items you’ve added, which I like. You can also select items from the master list, if you prefer scrolling through to jog your memory. That was handy for me today while I was creating my own list. I almost forgot bagels, but the app saved me by having it in the master list.

So far you may be thinking, so what? Any grocery app can do that. True, so let’s get into what makes this one special.

If you invest in the premium version ($2.99), you’ll get some cool sync features. Create an account, and all your devices will stay in sync.

Account sync

I added “mushrooms” to my iPhone list, and it automatically synced to my iPad. How do you sync two devices for the first time? Bump them together. You can also create and add to lists from the website, and those changes will also sync to all devices. My husband doesn’t know it yet, but he’s about to have the app installed on his iPhone. :)

I timed it. It takes about a minute for an item to sync from one device to another, so be aware of that if you and another person are shopping together. Don’t expect instantaneous updates if one of you adds/deletes an item.

You can color code items to group them together, like by aisle in the store. I really like this feature, which should save us running back and forth to pick up items we forgot from a previous aisle.

All in all, I like it. I’ve been using a simple To-do app to create my grocery lists, but I like this one better, especially when utilizing the sync feature.

The app has been recently updated to add landscape display (which is nice for the iPad), Retina display and the new flat icon design of iOS7. To celebrate, they are offering a nice sale tomorrow (July 27): $.99 instead of $2.99. The app’s worth it at full price, so getting it on sale is even better.

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