Android 4.3 Jelly Bean Source Code Hints at Compatibility with 4K Resolution Devices

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Since Google announced their newest updated Android software this week, news has started to come in regarding it’s full capabilities. When introduced, many gamers ‘in the know’ were excited to hear that the newest version of Jelly Bean could handle higher stress gaming apps on their mobile devices. As per the usual with Google, the company is possibly trying to acknowledge their entire base, providing capabilities to handle the various needs of all Android users.

And thanks to some leaked source code, developers and general speculators are beginning to believe that 4K screen resolution may be compatible with the new Android 4.3. If this is true, it would be unprecedented in the mobile OEM sphere and in turn, open new opportunities for ‘heavier’ applications with video streaming or extreme graphics, for example. This hunch came about when a new DPI (dots per inch) was discovered, named Extra Extra Extra High DPI, or XXXHDPI.

Generally the categories for hardware screen DPI (along with corresponding handset) is as followed (first published by Android Police):

  • Low DPI (LDPI) = 120DPI
  • Medium DPI (MDPI) = 160DPI (The T-Mobile G1)
  • High DPI (HDPI) = 240DPI (The Nexus S)
  • Extra High DPI (XHDPI) = 320DPI (The Galaxy Nexus/N4)
  • Extra Extra High DPI (XXHDPI) = 480DPI (the HTC One)

Obviously, Google’s XXXHDPI isn’t included above and when utilized, it would most likely handle devices in need of 640 DPI capabilities, such as a television screen.

So, of course it leads us, the masses to ponder: What’s really up the big G’s sleeve? And what does it have to do with TVs?


Potentially related to all this, Google’s Chromecast HDMI dongle was announced the same day as 4.3. Our pals over at sister site HomeTechTell covered it more extensively.


<Source: Android Police>

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