Leaked: Moto X Phone in Neon Green Spotted in Wild

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greenmotoxWe’ve been seeing and hearing a lot since first getting an official word from the big ‘G’ about their upcoming made-in-America Moto X flagship phone — by means of a full page teaser ad that ran in a few popular U.S. magazines a few weeks ago. From then, we knew that customizability is a key factor in the device and color options were revealed as white, black, light blue, red, purple and green.

In the photo above, you can see the gentleman on the far right holding a pretty jarringly bright green smartphone. The shape, camera placement and the tiny Motorola “M” (if you squint you’ll see it) are are tell-tale signs that this man is in fact, using the new X phone. Jeessh, that’s a bright phone, eh? Not what I’d personally want to be glaring at all day but it’s most definitely a color scheme for a few people I know, including my sister.

The photo comes to us from a rather unlikely source, ex-Apple fellow and Silicon Valley mainstay, Guy Kawasaki’s Google+ page. The photo was snapped at a company party at Motorola’s headquarters in Libertyville, Il. Three men, presumably Moto employees are seen max-relaxin’ and kicking it with some brews. But little did they consider, hundreds of tech nerds on the web that have found hints, clues and leaks in much sparse resources.

Anywho, we’re still a bit uncertain as to just how ‘customizable’ the Moto X is and what that means to the consumer but with the unveiling event slated for this coming Thursday, August 1, all these and many more queries will see some light.


<Source: Droid-Life via +Guy Kawasaki>

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