Google ‘Babel’ Resurfaces as Real-Time Language Translator App, says Report

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Oh my goodness, it’s here! The future is here!

Well, almost. A report published on Friday by the U.K. Times says that Google has a new app in the works, Babel, which will provide it’s users with real-time language translating.

If you remember correctly, the name Babel came up a short while ago and it was rumored to be the company’s codename for a unifying cross-Google platform chat service. They did rebrand and unify their messenger apps but for that, they kept the name Google+ Hangouts.

In a push to turn smartphones into “universal translators,” Babel (coined after the “oddest thing in the universe,” the universal translating Babel fish from Douglas Adams’ Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy series) will allegedly provide users with real-time translations via voice-activation. Still, there’s no information available as of yet regarding a time frame or specifics.

Not sure about you but this is something that I’ve personally been waiting for since a kid. There are so many different types of people that I come across in U.S. cities who primarily speak languages other than English. How great would it be to communicate with them in the best way they know how? Also, you’ll be learning a new language in the process. I am all for Babel, baby. (Shout out to Mr. Adams.)


<Source: TalkAndroid via U.K. Times>

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