Nokia RX-114 Benchmark Exposed, Windows RT Tablet With Snapdragon 800?

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Nokia tabletIncapable of making real headway in the smartphone market, which is still heavily dominated by Samsung and Apple, Nokia is also very carefully planning its first dive in the tablet sea. There’ve been rumors floating around about a Nokia slate since the Stone Age of tabs, but apparently the Finns are still not sure what path to follow.

Android has always been a possibility, though it doesn’t seem very realistic anymore, Windows RT rumors increased in intensity a few months ago, followed by numerous reports starring a mystery Win 8 Nokia tab.

And now we’re again hearing word about a Lumia slate running Win RT. Carrying a secretive and rather bizarre codename (RX-114), said gadget has been spotted in GFXBench’s database and appears to be powered by a quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 processor.

Quite a massive step up compared with existing RT-based slates (like the Tegra 3-toting Microsoft Surface RT), but sadly the display of this Nokia RX-114 doesn’t look so promising. The resolution is listed at a weird 1,371 x 771 pixels, which will likely be rounded up to the same 1,366 x 768 of the Surface RT. That’s just disappointing, isn’t it?

Before getting too worried (or on the contrary, too excited), do keep in mind that Nokia is yet to make this tablet official. And while we don’t suspect the benchmark to be phony, the RX-114 could well be an early prototype abandoned by its makers a long time ago.


<Source: WM Power User>

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