Nokia Plans New York Event for Late September, Windows Tablet or Phablet Incoming?

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Nokia_EventYour calendars should be already full for September, with IFA tipped to bring a number of exciting devices, including Samsung’s Galaxy Note 3 and Sony’s Honami, but apparently there’s a little something, something extra to make you even more eager for the first month of fall this year.

Nokia is reportedly close to scheduling a major press event in New York City, event that will take place on September 26 or 27. Given we heard word of a mystery Finnish-made Windows RT tablet just 24 hours ago, we reckon that could be the star of the press conference.

Then again, that’s only one of many possibilities. A Windows 8 slate is also in the cards, to be introduced either solo or alongside the RX-114. No definitive words on screen sizes for the two tabs, but if they are both coming, my guess is one will be a 10 or 11-incher and the other a 7-incher.

Meanwhile, there’s a good chance Nokia will choose to play it safe once again and not risk a dive in the troubled tablet ocean yet. But a small gamble is needed nevertheless, so if a Lumia phone is to be announced next month, it will most likely be that “phablet” we’ve heard so much yet so little about.

Whatever the focal point will be, you can bet your asses it’s going to be big. Both literally and figuratively.


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