Blackberry Messenger for Android Screenshots Emerge

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It’s a known fact that the Canadian manufacturer is working to bring one of it’s exclusive applications, Blackberry Messenger, to other operating systems, starting with Android and iOS. It was even revealed a few weeks back that the application will make its debut on the Google Play Store in September. Today, an alleged screenshot of the upcoming Blackberry Messenger for Android has been leaked.

Blackberry Messenger Android

The image has emerged on BGR who shows Blackberry Messenger running on Samsung Galaxy S3. The screenshot shows the main screen of the application with login button and ability to create a Blackberry ID. The source also revealed that the device will hit the Google Play Store before the end of summer, earlier than we expected. BGR source also told that the software “isn’t bad” and will be released very soon.

If you didn’t already know, Blackberry has a live sign up page where you can subscribe with your email address to find out about the launch of the much awaited Blackberry Messenger for Android and iOS. Are you excited? There is no denying to the fact that BBM is a good application. Since I used to be a Blackberry user, I will definitely look for this application on my Android device.


<Source: BGR>

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