Survey says: Samsung Galaxy S III and Note 2 Tops Customer Satisfaction, iPhone 5 in Third Place

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Conducting surveys is a good way to find out about how consumers feel about a specific product. It’s not something new and companies from all over the world promote surveys to learn input from their consumers concerning the positive and negative aspects of their products. They are even taken by private companies who want to compare the opinions of people about an array of products.

American Customer Satisfaction Index, a private company recently surveyed a group of people, producing some interesting results. According to ACSI results, Samsung Galaxy SIII and Galaxy Note 2 are more popular in the US the iPhone 5. Both these devices managed to get a score of 84 out of possible 100.


iPhone 5, iPhone 4S and iPhone 4 managed to take the third, fourth and fifth spot, with a score of 82,82, 81, respectively. The most interesting thing that the survey reveals is that Apple products are more popular in South Korea, Samsung’s home country, than they are in the U.S.

A similar survey was done by National Customer Satisfaction Index in South Korea which uses the same technology as ACSI and the results revealed that iPhone 5 has a higher customer satisfaction level compared to Galaxy S III and other smartphones.

Samsung may have a higher score with Galaxy S III but overall, ACSI ranks Apple higher in terms of customer satisfaction compared to Samsung. The Cupertino giant managed to get a score of 81 by ACSI, while Samsung scored 76% only. To be honest, there is no denying to this fact, it is hard to match Apple in terms of customer satisfaction. I am using an iPhone from past 2 years and I don’t see myself switching to any other operating system, anytime soon.


<Source: Android Authority>

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