LG G2 Product Manual Leaks, Confirms Dimensions, Nano-SIM and MicroSD Slot

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LG G2With less than 48 hours to go until its highly anticipated formal introduction, the LG G2 holds few surprises, given the magnitude and number of recent leaks surrounding it. But still, the uncovering of the phone’s Korean user manual couldn’t have gone unnoticed by the press, especially that it does appear to reveal or confirm a few interesting tidbits.

For one thing, we now have G2’s exact dimensions. The giant will make use of a 5.2-inch Full HD screen, but it will actually measure 138.5 mm (5.45 inches) in height, as well as 70.9 mm in width and 8.9 mm in depth.

That’s very similar to its biggest direct adversary, Samsung’s Galaxy S4, which measures 2 mm less in height, a total of 69.8 mm in width and 7.9 mm in thickness. And that’s while having a screen that’s technically 0.2 inches (5 mm) smaller. Not too shabby, LG, even more so when putting in balance G2’s expected 143 grams weight.

Moving away from cold and unfriendly numbers for a bit, it’s now set in stone the LG G2 will come with microSD support (hooray!) and a nano-SIM slot (darn!). As for the mysterious button combination on the device’s back, the puzzle seems to have been solved, but not exactly as we’d hoped.

Specifically, it appears there’s no fingerprint scanner next to the physical volume controls, but just a boring power on/off key. Bummer, but there are still plenty of reasons to await this bad boy’s unveiling with a tremendous amount of excitement. Who’s with me?


<Source: Android Beat and Nowhere Else>

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