Leaked: Motorola Moto X Verizon Release Date – August 23

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moto-xHeavily teased, hyped and praised before actually going official, the Motorola Moto X was not exactly greeted with the gushing enthusiasm I’m sure the “Google company” had expected for it. That was most likely in part due to all those leaks revealing every detail about the device a bit too early and in part because, well, it’s an overpriced gizmo — slated to cost no less than $200 with two-year contracts.

Still, it’s a beautifully designed phone, it’s heavily optimized to get the best out of its battery and runs almost stock Android. Plus, it’ll be customizable through the Moto Maker tool, first only for AT&T customers and then for users of all the major American networks.

Now, while the Moto X puzzle might be complete in terms of specs and pricing, a couple of pieces are missing in the availability department. Namely, we don’t know when it should go on sale. But we’ve finally gotten a clue earlier today, courtesy of an internal Verizon document leaked out by Android Central.

This slates Moto X’s Big Red launch for August 23, though stores could technically receive inventory eight days earlier. The number one US carrier will only be able to sell you the “boring” black and white versions of the phone, but let’s keep our fingers crossed for all that to change by September.

How about you, AT&T, T-Mo, Sprint, USC, care to share similar information anytime soon? We’re all ears.


<Source: Android Central>

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