Leaked: LG G2 European Off-Contract Pricing – €599 for 16 GB Version, €629 in 32 GB Flavor

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LG G2How much is something like the LG G2 worth? It’s the question on everyone’s lips for the past 24 hours, and, while LG isn’t yet ready to provide an official answer, a hint has been dropped by a German online retailer.

Notebooksbiliger, the seller in question, is hardly the most reliable source in the world, but its newly published LG G2 pricing structure looks legit. Specifically, the 16 GB unlocked version is listed at €599 and the model packing 32 GB of on-board storage seems set to cost €629.

That’s $800 and $840 respectively, but you should know the drill by now. Folks on the old continent are always asked to pay more than Americans, due to taxes and whatnot. Meaning the G2 should probably cost around $600 with 16 GB of memory and $630 in a 32 GB flavor stateside.

A lot of dough? Indeed, though you should be used with prices like those for top-notch Androids. And on the plus side, Verizon, AT&T and Sprint have all announced they’ll sell the 5.2-incher subsidized, most likely starting at around $200 with 24-month pacts.

As for T-Mobile, they don’t do contracts anymore, so expect their version of the device to go for $200 upfront, plus 24 monthly payments of 20 bucks each. Who’s getting one, where and in what form?


<Source: Phone Arena>

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