Back-to-School Essential: The Muse Mini DBoom Speaker.

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Bring some boom to the dorm room with the DBoom by Muse Mini. At some point in your studious college career, you’ll want to skip the crowded club scene for a night of fun and relaxation in your dorm. Everyone knows that the best room is the one with the biggest TV but even more importantly, the room with the loudest music. So unless you want to spend your night alone with your over-bearing RA watching Kate and Leopold, I suggest you take a look at the DBoom.

DBoom by Muse Mini

Ahead of the Game

In the words of Muse Mini, “Bluetooth was so 2011, so we also added near field communication to our speaker.” It’s hard arguing with that logic, so I definitely approve of the DBoom’s innovative wireless connectivity. Thanks to NFC connectivity, all you have to do is turn the DBoom on and hold your device to the top right corner of the back of the DBoom speaker. Your device will ask if you want to connect with the DBoom, and once you select “OK” you’ll be ready to experience the boom the DBoom is named for. Although Apple products don’t utilize NFC connectivity, you can still use the classic Bluetooth approach to connect your devices to the DBoom. Let me caution you readers, you do not want to turn the DBoom speaker on during class. Just DON’T do it. I made the mistake of powering on the DBoom at my quiet cubicle and it startled my coworkers when it announced “power on” and “power off.” However, that should prove that the DBoom can be very loud.

DBoom Wireless Speaker

Stylish Skins

My favorite aspect of the DBoom is the customizable speaker skins. Included with your DBoom among other things, is a coupon redeemable for one DBoom customizable skin. I suggest you use it. You can upload your own picture or designs, or choose from the wide variety of preset designs. Not only that, but you can switch them up to your liking. Nothing is permanent. If I’m being honest, readers, theft is a common issue in college and well, everywhere. If you ever want to hear the embarrassing tale of my school bag being stolen from my college bathroom stall, I’d be happy to share! What might keep your speaker safe is a personalized skin that only you have. Either way, your speaker will look great because you’re the designer.



So as I mentioned before, the DBoom gets loud. The DBoom produces 6 watts of stereo output from two high fidelity audio drivers with passive subwoofers. In other words, hello bass, won’t you stay awhile? The answer is yes thanks to the DBoom’s rechargeable battery which lasts for 12 hours at full volume and 2o hours at half volume. You can also exchange the battery yourself, if you’re into that kind of thing. It’s hard to believe the sound that comes out of the DBoom because it’s not exactly large and in charge. The DBoom measures in at 7.5 X 2.75 X 3 in. and it weights a little over a pound. Though I think you would still look cool carrying it in an old school fashion like so (my handwriting looks awful because I had to write backwards):

DBoom wireless speaker

The DBoom can also act as a hands-free speakerphone thanks to its built-in microphone. Thus, it’s perfect for conference calls and other scenarios. If you’re playing music and a call comes in, the call will interrupt your music until you are finished with the call. Therefore, I must caution you not to answer the call from your creepy dermatologist if you’re in the middle of a party because EVERYONE will hear it. Though, I don’t know why your dermatologist wouldn’t wait til office hours. You get the point.


The Verdict

The DBoom will cost you $129.99 which is a lot when your money is going towards books and other academic tools, but if you’re looking for a speaker that will last and that can provide great audio, the DBoom is worth checking out. And if you’re like me, the customization is a really cool factor, especially since it’s really the first high-end speaker to do such a thing.

So be a part of the audio revolution and check out the DBoom here: DBoom Bluetooth NFC Speaker

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