Forget About The Moto X: Motorola Nexus 5 Rumored for Q4 2013 Release

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Motorola-NexusEver since Google acquired Motorola, the tech world has been abuzz thinking how this could change the Android décor entirely. And yet the partnership between the software maker and the hardware manufacturer has not given birth to any super-phones yet, and instead to a pretty underwhelming flagship wannabe: the Moto X.

The reason why the X is not all it could have been however is fairly easy to guess, as Google can’t afford to neglect all its other hardware partners, especially Samsung, and give preferential treatment to Moto. Or can they?

Well, if we are to trust Taylor Wimberly, a tech blogger with all the right connections, Google and Motorola will throw all caution aside and unveil a co-branded Nexus 5 sometime by the end of this year. Specifically, in Q4, though that doesn’t exactly narrows it down, putting the release between October 1 and December 31.

Did we see that coming? I’ll be frank with you, I didn’t. After an HTC-made first Nexus, two from Samsung and a fourth one from LG, all rumors pointed towards either LG being given a repeat or someone from China being picked up as an associate for the first time (Lenovo was leading that particular suspect list).

Heck, I could even imagine Asus, the N7 co-manufacturer, being asked to extend its involvement in the Nexus program, but Motorola? Color me surprised. Sadly, there’s no word yet on any potential Nexus 5 specs, though at this point a 5-inch Full HD screen seems like a guarantee. All the rest shall be revealed in due time.


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