Leaked: Alcatel One Touch Idol Mini, A Lower-Cost Version Of An Already Super-Cheap Phone

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Alcatel One Touch Idol MiniIt’s tough to make a splash in the smartphone market sans a whopping marketing budget, a tradition and an easily recognizable brand, but Alcatel seems to be on its way. Not that the company hasn’t invested plenty of dough in advertising. After all, Iron Man himself uses the One Touch Idol.

And what better way to build yourself a strong brand than considerably lowering the pricing bar compared with the top dogs? Case in point, the same OT Idol, an upper mid-ranger that’s available in the US for the low, low price of $230 outright.

But wait, because Alcatel might have an even cheaper gadget in the pipeline. The One Touch Idol Mini has been revealed by serial leaker @evleaks and it looks just as the name suggests: like a watered-down variant of its forefather.

Since we don’t have any inside scoop on specs and features, we’ll keep our fingers crossed for Alcatel to have taken a page from Motorola’s book rather than Samsung or HTC’s. In the sense that Moto’s Droid Mini is only smaller and not also less technically impressive than the Droid Ultra, whereas the GS4 Mini and HTC One Mini skimp on both size and performance.

Come on, Alcatel, everybody loves an underdog, so we’re all rooting for you!


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