Google to Bring Targeted Ads to Maps Apps

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Not too long ago, mid-July to be exact, Google launched new versions of their Maps app for mobile platforms Android, iPhone and iPad. Building upon said update, the company has just introduced targeted ads to the layout, according to a new blogpost from the big G’s AdWords blog.


These “relevant ads” inside Google Maps will now begin to appear at the bottom of the screen after a user hits ‘search.’ As you can see in the picture above, they include a title (“Gardening Supplies in NY,”) ad text and a link to get directions.

If by chance a user is interested in an advertisement that appears on their map, they can tap or swipe upward to read additional information — in a new click type referred to as “Get location details,” which provides standard CPC charges per hit.

mapsad1For AdWords users, Google is glad to say that this new inclusion of ads to their mobile app will “attract new customers” and they “think [it] is more attractive for users and more effective for advertisers.” That may be true. In any case, their personal aggregated reports for said free clicks is available in their account. AdWords will charge the public for up to two paid clicks per ad impression.

If you haven’t updated your iOS or Android handheld with the new Google Maps, I know you’re probably itching for it now, after said news. In any case, you can get it free from Google Play or from App Store. Further help with AdWords can be found here or via the source link below.


<Source: AdWords blog>

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