Untangle and Unwind with Zipbuds Juiced Earbuds

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It might sound silly, but zippers are so in right now. Just take a trip to any shopping mall and you’ll see exactly what I’m talking about. Suddenly, the zipper is no longer simply about functionality, it’s about fashion as well. Zipbuds has turned the zipper trend on its head with the Juiced Earbuds however, incorporating zipper functionality with zipper fashion and creating a tangle-free set of great looking headphones. So if you’re heading back to school and looking for an affordable set of headphones that deliver style, innovation, and no tangles, keep reading.

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So the question is: Are you tired of tangled headphones? If so, the Juiced Earbuds by Zipbuds feature patented zipper integrated cabling that keeps your headphones from tangling. I know! It’s genius! And it’s super stylish. Not to mention, this isn’t just your grandma’s dainty zipper either. Zipbuds use military grade Armaid for strength and Maeden Tinsel Technology for performance. Intimidated? Don’t be.


The Juiced Earbuds are also super lightweight thanks to its vertebrae design and the custom housings and ear tips which ensure that the earbuds stay put. Included with your Juiced Earbuds are three sizes of eartips so you’re sure they fit snug in your ear. The only issue is that the zipper itself makes a little bit of noise when it rubs against your clothing.


In terms of sound, I was surprised at how good the Juiced Earbuds’ audio was, especially since the price is very reasonable at $19.99. It was crystal clear and the bass was pretty decent. Although not noise-canceling headphones, I really couldn’t hear a thing outside of my music.


And look how pretty they are. Although durable, the Zipbuds Juiced Earbuds also have a unique, stylish flare that ensure you’re making your mark on your college campus. Available in four colors, the Zipbuds Juiced Earbuds are sure to set a new trend in stylish headphones.


Check out the Zipbuds Juiced Earbuds here: Zipbuds Juiced Earbuds

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