iblazr Provides Smartphone Flash for All You Shutterbugs

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Once digital cameras hit that perfect consumer price-point, almost everyone was a photographer of sorts. Life and events everywhere have been captured ever since. Yet when smartphones finally started integrating quality digital camera optics, it was like feeding steroids to the photo-snapping craze.

While the hardware and software behind our smartphone cameras has improved significantly over the past few years, one thing has remained mostly unchanged – the flash. Many are still too weak to be effective, and the strong ones end up like a teeny spotlight that’s too bright.

iblazr with diffuserHere to introduce the next-level steroid for smartphone photo-taking is the iblazr. The iblazr is the world’s first portable camera flash for smartphones and tablets.

What separates iblazr from any competition is how it’s fully synchronized with iOS and Android, multidirectional, and has it’s own built-in battery with charger cable.

The flash consists of four CREE LED lights. They may seem small, but if you’re familiar with CREE products then you know what kind of power they pack. The iblazr connects to the audio port of your smartphone or tablet, and can be oriented front, back, or anywhere in between. Iblazr also comes with it’s own free app, yet is compatible with a number of iOS and Android apps.

iblazr exampleSo what does this mean for those who snap photographs often? You’ll be able to take low-light and nighttime shots with more detail and less grain and shadows.

You’ll be able to take video at night, and scoff at the wimpy-weakness of your smartphones’s built-in flash.

The use of flash during the daytime can improve the quality or provide dramatic effects to your subject.

Slightly larger than a one inch by one inch piece of chocolate, with a price that’s highly affordable, the iblazr won’t break your pocket or your wallet. It’s also been designed to work flawlessly with the Muku Shuttr.

Visit the iblazr Kickstarter page for full specs, photos, and to set your pledge before the campaign is done!

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