M-GO For Movies Not an Ideal Replacement for iTunes/Amazon Instant Video

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M-GOI recently ran across an ad for M-GO, which offered .99 movie rentals for the first 30 days, with no monthly fee for the service. I decided to give it a try, and I have to say I was unimpressed.

Their selection was decent, and they also offer movies and TV shows for purchase. Pricing is comparable to Amazon and iTunes, so no problem there.

The problem was in how I could watch the videos. They have an Android app, but inexplicably it wasn’t compatible with my Nexus 7. It’s supposed to work with Android 4.0+ devices, which mine certainly is. I almost never run into compatibility issues with my Nexus 7, so I was disappointed.

How about iOS? There’s no iPad app. Instead you play videos through Safari. While odd, it worked well. I bought a video to test, and playback was smooth. The video looked good, so as far as a streaming option goes, it was satisfactory.M-Go Main Screen

Note I said “streaming.” Here’s where I ran into my biggest problem with M-GO. The only “device” you can download to is a computer running Windows 7. You can play back on a Windows 8 device, but you can’t download to one. In other words, the only way to play your movies on a mobile device is with a WiFi or high-speed cellular connection. I like to take movies with me on vacation, when I don’t have a data connection. M-GO is a non-starter for that. And there’s no way I’m going to buy content I can’t download.

So if you want to stream some rentals on the cheap for 30 days, give them a try. But after the trial period, their pricing is no better than Amazon or iTunes, both of which offer downloading options.

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  • Bonita

    I tried M-Go last night and it was a nightmare. Yup the SD movies are 99cents but now you can download them but you must also download something called wildvine to view them…wildvine doesn’t work on Google Chrome and yet its a google app…?? I had to down load wildvine to IE and try to watch the movie there.
    It took nearly 8 hours to down load the movie though( I do have a slower IP so not M-Gos fault there) and then I couldn’t open the file…that might be user error though.
    I did try the streaming but gave up after 10 minutes of buffering after every 5-10 seconds of play. There is no way to pause the movie so it can finish loading though so I never did see my movie…thank goodness I am only out 99cents. Wish I would have thought to look for reviews first though.

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