Affordable Verizon Phones Galore: LG Enact, Exalt and More Coming by Mid-September

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lg-enactAside from prepping glamorous releases for high-end Android phones such as the Droid Ultra, Maxx, Moto X and HTC One, Verizon has been tipped numerous times already as getting things ready for the introduction of a number of entry-level, budget-friendly devices (both smart and “dumb”).

According to a newly emerged rumor, all of these will go on sale with Big Red before September 15, although the exact dates are still puzzles. The leader of the modest pack is bound to be the LG Enact, a retro-looking Android with a slide-out QWERTY keyboard.

The individual is tipped to feature 4G LTE connectivity and it will likely run Android 4.1 Jelly Bean, so all in all, if it’s priced correctly, it has a chance to make some waves. Another Verizon-destined LG phone soon to see daylight is a little thing called Exalt, even if we can’t really see who’d ever be interested in it.

That’s because the Exalt is a basic flip phone with probably nothing more than a sub-par camera and 3G connectivity. The Samsung Convoy 3 is not all too exciting either, though it will at least have a clear-cut selling point: ruggedized exterior.

Last but not least, Kyocera is rumored to be working on a rugged device as well, this time a smart one, called Hydro Elite, pre-loaded with Android (fingers crossed for Jelly Bean) and also featuring LTE speeds.


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