Apple’s iPhone 5S and 5C Expected In Stores Come October 25

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iPhone 5SThough Apple has yet to confirm a date for its next major iPhone announcement, it seems almost set in stone that the seventh-generation handheld(s) will go official as soon as September 10. But the bigger question, which I’m sure keeps a lot of folks up at night, is when the iPhone 5S and 5C will actually be up for grabs.

As it happens, we have a fairly credible rumor on that already. According to the folks over at, who’ve correctly predicted the iPhone 5 release date last year, the follow-ups will only be up on store shelves come October 25.

Formally introducing a gadget (or two) and making it/them available a full six weeks later doesn’t sound like Apple’s usual M.O., but there might be a solid reason behind the “delay” in this particular case. Not only are two iPhones tipped to come at once, but also two new iPads (a full-sized model and a Mini version), so you have to understand things are much more hectic than usual in Cupertino.

True, the new iPad duo is unlikely to become official as soon as next month, but that’s beside the point. And the point is readying four potentially groundbreaking devices for launches set to happen in the space of a few weeks or one or two months tops is a pretty difficult task even for a tech giant that employs over 80,000 people.

Via [Tech Maniacs]

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