Blast From The Past: BlackBerry 9720 Goes Official with BB 7.1 OS, QWERTY Keyboard and 512 MB RAM

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BlackBerry 9720It’s no longer a secret BlackBerry has basically given up the hardware manufacturing battle, looking for a buyer to cut its growing financial losses. But for now the show must go on, so a new BB device has been made official earlier today.

The BlackBerry 9720 will most definitely target budget-conscious smartphone users in markets like Asia, Europe, Africa and Latin America, being unlikely to ever hit US or Canada. Due for a commercial launch in a few weeks, the entry-level gadget doesn’t have a price tag attached to its name yet, but it’ll definitely have to go very low to get some buzz going.

Don’t get me wrong, the fellow doesn’t look much worse than the BB Q5 on the outside, but it’s what’s on the inside that really counts. And 9720’s guts are all messed up. The biggest flaw (by a mile) is the outdated BlackBerry 7.1 software, which is not only bound to be left behind in terms of updates and whatnot, but also terribly glitchy.

The thing is the BB 9720 looks like it was made for 2011 as far as hardware goes too, packing a, pardon my French, utterly shitty 806 MHz Tavor MG1 processor, 512 MB of RAM and 1,450 mAh battery. And what about the 480 x 360 pixels resolution 2.8-inch touchscreen? Oh, well, at least there’s a full-sized QWERTY keyboard to increase productivity, even if at this point it’s probably far too little to make a difference.

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