LG G2 UK Pre-Orders Now Underway, First Stock Expected Late September

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lg_g2With Samsung Galaxy Note 3’s official unveiling looming on the horizon, plus the imminent arrivals of the new iPhones and impressive-looking handhelds like Sony’s Honami and HTC’s One Max, there’s a very short window of time in which LG’s G2 has a chance to get noticed.

And I mean really noticed, not the way LG smartphones are usually noticed. Fortunately (for LG), the world may not have to wait long until being able to score the beautiful G2, with pre-orders already kicked off in UK.

Clove and Expansys are the online retailers that currently accept reservations for the 5.2-incher, though only the former also lists a price (£468 sans contracts, including VAT, or $723) and a (vague) ETA: late September.

Meanwhile, Expansys seems to have jumped the gun only with the purpose of squeezing some SEO juice and appear on top of LG G2 Google searches. Oh, well, it’s not like we haven’t seen that done a gazillion times before by even higher-profile retailers.

In any case, a late September launch might be just what the doctor prescribed for LG’s newest flagship phone, since there are only slim chances the GNote 3, iPhone 5S and 5C or HTC One Max will see daylight before October. Of course, a release in late August or early September would be even more beneficial for the G2, but let’s not get greedy.


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