Deal Alert: “Certified Like-New” Samsung Galaxy S4 Available for $30 with AT&T Contracts

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Galaxy S4-AT&TDesperately want, nay, need a Samsung Galaxy S4 but can’t afford to pay the premium US carriers currently charge for the 5-inch beast? You can always visit Amazon and get a Verizon model for $120 or a Sprint version for $99.99.

Want it even cheaper? AT&T has your back, though you’ll have to make a few sacrifices. Actually, just one: settle for a “certified like-new” GS4, which in plain English means a refurbished device.

That’s kind of risky business, since it entails your “new” phone was previously owned by another dude (or gal), but hey, how else can you keep up with the times and drop a measly 30 bucks in the process? That’s right, Ma Bell sells this baby for just $29.99 with your traditional 24-month new pact.

The deal is available only online and is likely time-limited (or more like stock-limited, as I don’t think there are that many refurb units lying around). Plus, you can get the GS4 solely in “black mist” or “white frost” (no “urban gray”, “dive blue” or “red aurora” for you). Still, $30 for the hottest Android smartphone in the world? Who could ever say no?

Via [Unwired View]

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