Nokia Amber Update To Hit Lumia Devices End-August or September

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We have seen a number of rumors speculating about possible launch of the Nokia Amber Update for Lumia devices. If you didn’t know, Nokia announced that Lumia 925 will hit the Taiwanese market on August 16 and will come with the Amber update pre-installed in it. However, what about the other Lumia devices that have become popular in different parts of the world?

At the same event, when asked about the roll-out for other devices from the Nokia PR Company in Taiwan, they said that the update will arrive by the end August or early-September.


Now that you have the good news — that Lumia devices will get the taste of the Amber update (subset of the Windows Phone 8 GDR2 Update rolled out by Microsoft), unfortunately there’s some bad news as well. It has been revealed that the top priority of the company will be Lumia 920, which means that you may have to wait a little bit longer if you own any other Lumia variants.

I feel that the update should be rolled out for popular devices in a similar time frame but I don’t call the shots here. Take the example of Lumia 520, which has been the top seller for the company in many countries. But, on the other hand, Lumia 920 is considered as one of the high-end devices from the Finnish maker and they feel that it deserves to be upgraded first.

Also, there will be no FM Radio support for the Lumia 620 due to the fact that it doesn’t have the hardware to support that feature.

Currently, there is no confirmed news whether this roll out will be global or only for the users in Taiwan. Even if it’s Taiwan only, users should expect the update in other parts of the world in the similar time period.

Are you excited? Windows Phone 8 is gaining popularity and if Nokia manages to roll out timely updates, they have a pretty good chance to come back into the competitive smartphone market. For that, the Redmond giant has to play its part by introducing new features that can compete with Android and iOS on a regular basis.


<Source: ePrice via GSMArena>

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