GadgeTell Review: Polk Audio’s Nue Era Headphones

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Polk Audio's Nue Era headphones

Polk Audio’s Nue Era headphones

Want to try some earbud headphones that are good-looking, good-sounding and don’t hurt your ears? Polk Audio has debuted its Nue Era in-ear headphones, which the company is pitching towards “fashionistas and audiophiles alike.”

I tried out the headphones on a jog, as well as while listening to music at work, on a walk and while doing an afternoon of yard work, and they sported a bold sound that largely kept out outside sounds. And perhaps even better, they don’t hurt the ears, in the way a lot of earbuds I’ve tried over the years have.

They’re also great looking headphones, with a unique look and shape.

Even the packaging looks good, including a lovely off-white pouch. The headphones also come with  several ear tips, and sport a 5.5 mm Dynamic Balance driver and an in-line 3-button controller.

At $99, the Nue Era headphones are a bit pricy for earbuds. But they’re a dramatic improvement over Apple’s native earbuds.


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