Sphero 2.0, Forever Changing How We Play With Balls

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Sphero 2.0 Logo Orbotix, the makers of Sphero, has announced the reinvention of the ball, once again, with the Sphero 2.0. Sphero 2.0 is an app-controlled robotic ball that’s now faster, brighter, and smarter than ever before. Orbotix is promoting a brand new rollout that also includes accessories to fully deck out your Sphero 2.0

Instead of taking the old model and enhancing it, the company has re-engineered the Sphero 2.0 from the ground up. If you enjoy RC cars but want to experience something wilder and more extreme, the Sphero is powered with new AI Superdrive capabilities.

Sphero 2.0 packageAt top speeds of 7 feet per second, it’s fast. Orbotix says, “Sphero 2.0 is unreasonably fast,” but is there really such a thing when it comes to remote-controlled toys?

That’s like trying to convince yourself there’s such a thing as too much fun.

The Sphero 2.0 screams performance, and then blares it out with its 3x brighter LED lights. Playtime no longer has to be limited to during the day.

One of the must-have accessories for the Sphero is the Nubby cover. This protective covering enhances your play with its all-terrain traction and protection against the elements. Even though building your own ramp isn’t terribly hard, each package features two ramps that pop directly out for immediate use.

There are over 25 apps available for iOS and Android to play with your Sphero 2.0. There are apps to race, augmented reality apps, and also multiplayer apps for game nights.

Pre-orders for Sphero 2.0 are available on and on, and will be available worldwide starting August 30th, 2013 for $129.99.

Quoted at the beginning of Talladega Nights: the Ballad of Ricky Bobby: “America is all about speed. Hot, nasty, badass speed. -Eleanor Roosevelt, 1936″

Go get yours today. Game on.

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