LEGO Fans Show Their Support for Ghostbusters

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There are a lot of Ghostbusters-themed LEGO CUUSOO projects to support, but one of them has earned the necessary 10,000 supporters that’s needed for LEGO to consider making it into an official product. The project I’m talking about is called Ghostbusters 30th Anniversary by Brent Waller. We’ll find out if LEGO decides to go with his project as the fifth CUUSOO release once it finishes its quarterly evaluation which starts in September.

The LEGO Ghostbusters 30th Anniversary set depicts the minifigures of Egon, Winston, Raymond and Peter. They are all wearing their trademark proton packs and their brown Ghostbusters outfits. There’s even a little Slimer figure in there as well.

The actual building portion of this set is the Ecto-1 vehicle. The creator of this build did a really good job at making it look just like the real vehicle.

Of course, the creator’s rendition of the set and LEGO’s final design could be quite different from each other. As we’ve seen with the recent LEGO Back to the Future DeLorean, LEGO can and will make some concessions to get its products within a certain price point.

If the Ghostbusters 30th Anniversary set is chosen, it could be quite a while before we see it on the shelves.


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  • Jon Klokov

    Man, the Ecto-1 looks AMAZING. the full size picture on the site doesn’t really do it justice. Brings me straight back to childhood!

    I also really like the photo quality on the original site, some pretty impressive camerawork with the fog and lighting.

    I’m something of a collector of unique and special edition LEGOs (the wife hates it), but I can’t wait to grab this set when it comes out, whenever that may be. Thanks for posting!