Clean your Screen with the WHOOSH! Screen Shine

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Readers, it’s time to get serious. How much do you really know about tech hygiene? If you’re like me, it’s slim to none. However, I was fortunate enough to come across the WHOOSH! at CE Week and they gave me an old-fashioned schooling in tech hygienic.

Oh, and I made a video:

I came over to the WHOOSH! booth with my iPhone which had been covered with my fingerprints all day while I texted my coworkers, took pictures and answered emails. But I hardly even use my iPhone for calls so it’s impossible that my iPhone was that dirty. Oh readers, I was so wrong.

WHOOSH! Screen Shine

The folks over at WHOOSH! offered to give me a demo of their screen-cleaning product and they offered to show me on my own iPhone. Sure! Of course! But you won’t see much of a difference, I’m sure. I keep my screen pretty clean. Wrong wrong wrong. The folks over at WHOOSH! cleaned my screen (cue the sparkling sound effects). Readers, I’ve never seen my iPhone so clean. Even when I opened the box it didn’t look that clean. Finally I could see my reflection, and isn’t that what every girl wants? The WHOOSH! comes with a screen cleaner and an adorable microfiber cloth. It’s like a portable carwash for your phone!

Don’t worry about toxins either. The WHOOSH! is safe for all phones and the screen cleaner is non-toxic, ammonia and alcohol free. It’s 100% natural and safe for the family, so be sure to get one for everyone! My sample was the POCKET size which fits lightly in my purse so that no matter where I am my iPhone is shining brightly.

WHOOSH! Screen Shine

The WHOOSH! comes in three options: WHOOSH! Screen Shine POCKET ($5.00), the WHOOSH! Screen Shine GO ($10.00) and the WHOOSH! Screen Shine Duo+ ($20.00).

Trust me, your phone needs a good cleaning!

Check it out here: WHOOSH! Screen Shine

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