HTC One X Caught Fire While Charging in Taiwan

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Smartphones catching fire and electrocuting people are a real problem. Recently, a Samsung Galaxy S4 caught fire in Hong Kong, burning down a whole house. Before that, we saw some electrocution events from China causing a woman’s death. Allegedly she was answering a call on her iPhone 5 while it was charging and a similar situation left a man in coma.

Today, some images have been posted showing us the remains of HTC One X in Taiwan. The phone simply just combusted while it was charging.

Burnt HTC One X

According to VR-Zone, the user tried to contact a Taiwanese Telco who asked him for a $21 ($300 Taiwan) inspection fee before they can issue him a replacement phone.

Here are some images of the burnt phone.

HTC One X Burnt HTC One X Burnt HTC One X Burnt

The reason for the accident is still unknown and the folks at HTC are investigating why it happened. We don’t know if it’s due to a counterfeit charger but that’s a possibility. The good news is that the owner of the device is safe and sound. Some users are suggesting that it could’ve happened due to a swollen battery. We’ll let you know if we come across anything regarding this matter. Please be careful readers.


<Source: VR-Zone>

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  • Kiel

    The owner might have overcharged it while the screen is on cause you could change the setting if you want the phone to stay awake while charging. The temperature of the battery goes up to 55+ degrees Celsius. I left my One X charging overnight. When I woke up it was so hot I couldn’t even touch it. I checked the battery usage, the screen was on for 4 hours. This happened to alot of people already.