Leaked Manual for Sony’s Lens Camera Shows Shutter Button, Mic Opening and More

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lens camera More leaked information about Sony’s supposed lens camera has been revealed ahead of Sony’s September 4 press event. These leaks are once again brought to us by SonyAlpha Rumors, the same site that originally broke the news about this product. This time, we have a portion of the manual for the QX10 and the QX100. The manual page(s) state the controls of the lenses and where they are located.

First let’s look at the similarities. Both lenses have physical shutter buttons, power buttons, microphones, display panels, belt hooks, zoom levers, tripod mounts, multifunctional jacks and reset buttons.

The QX100 also has ring control that could be used to change the aperture of the lens. The QX100 is also said to possess the same sensor that’s found in the Sony RX100 II. the QX10 may share the lens and sensor with the Sony WX150. Both of these are on the higher end of point-and-shoot cameras.

The lens camera is all but official at this point. I can imagine a full blown leak before September 4 rolls around. So what can we take away from this latest piece of information? Well, it seems like we’ll be able to shoot video with these lenses since there is a mic opening. If the price is right, this could give devices like the GoPro some healthy competition. We’ve also learned control of the lens such as the shutter won’t be left entirely to a smartphone. Things such as white balance and shutter speed may require smartphone interaction though. The more I learn about this, the more I can imagine the many uses one could have for a lens camera. It can be used as a P.O.V. cam, security camera or a secondary camera for video footage. Color me intrigued.

Source [SonyAlpha Rumors]

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