BlackBerry 9720 Already Available In The UK, Costs £180 Outright

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blackberry_9720I know it’s not the coolest smartphone in the world (or the fastest, or the most elegant, or the one with the greatest camera), but surely the low price, functionality and productivity combo will make the BlackBerry 9720 attractive enough for some folks.

No? Oh, well, I’ll still do my civic duty to inform you as to the (ugly) thing’s availability, since the UK already has it up for grabs. Remember, we’re less than a week after BB made this official, so things are moving fast for the 9720.

Only available unlocked and SIM-free, the QWERTY-toting handheld can be scored through Unlocked-Mobiles for a fairly low £179.98. That includes VAT and converts into around 280 US bucks these days.

Is that cheap enough? Again, it could be for some. As in hundreds of people. Maybe a couple of thousand, but definitely not more. Weighing in at 120 grams, the 9720 looks old-fashioned (not in a good way), sporting a pretty cramped physical keyboard and a sub-par 2.8-inch IPS panel with 480 x 360 pixels resolution.

The on-board software is even worse (BlackBerry 7.1, an OS that’s closing in on its second anniversary), but the 5 MP rear camera, 512 MB of RAM, microSD support and 1,450 mAh battery are not so bad. Big emphasis on “so”. Right, that’s it from me, now you decide if the BB 9720 is the right choice or you can do better in the Windows Phone or Android universe.


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