GadgeTell Review: The Wicked Audio Evac Headphones are Wicked Awesome

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If I’m being honest, I would admit that I have a completely crazy obsession with Boston. Whether it’s the accents, history or foliage, I love it all. So when the Evac Headphones by Wicked Audio landed on my desk, I immediately thought they were wicked awesome just because they company name contained the word “wicked.” But I assure you, readers, once I tried the Evac Headphones, my list of likes grew to include far more than just the name.

Wicked Audio Evac Headphones

Retro Revival

Upon opening the Evac Headphones box, there was something about them that reminded me of the retro skater look from back in the day. No, I’m not talking about the Avril Lavigne “skater look,” but instead the real deal.

Sk8Ter Boi

Get out of here, Avril!

Long story short, the Evac Headphones won’t clash with your vans. They won’t clash with anything, really. There’s a retro vibe that works with any look, whether you’re in Air Jordans or stilettos, whether you’re going for the Farrah look or Lords of Dogtown.

Evac Headphones

Adaptable Comfort

But I digress. What I really like about the Evac Headphones is their comfort. I admittedly have a wide head but the Evac Headphones were accepting of my flaws and they were totally comfortable. I felt like I had two fluffy clouds on my ears, even though it was just the cushions. And it was super easy to make adjustments — I could even adjust the headphones while I had them on.


Powerful Audio

The Evac Headphones retail for $59.99, so I was pretty sure the audio would be good at best. I was wrong. With a 40 mm driver and a frequency of 20Hz-20,000Hz, I was really impressed by how my music sounded. The EVAC Headphones were good for anything. Plus, the double thickness cushions isolate any outside noise. I was totally zen. I started with some Bon Iver and felt the melody was as beautiful as ever. Then of course I couldn’t help but watch the SNL skit which featured Justin Timberlake’s Bon Iver impersonation. The audio was still good there!

Naturally, because I care, I have embedded the video for you to enjoy. For “Bon Iver’s” entrance, head to 4:55.

After Bon Iver, it was on to the Decemberists for something a little more upbeat with larger instrumentation. I felt like I was back at their concert in Dublin that I was once lucky enough to attend. And then I listened to my traditional morning pump-up jam, “Can’t Tell Me Nothing,” by Kanye West. And trust me, the song felt extra inspirational.

The Verdict

I’m a really big fan of Wicked Audio‘s Evac Headphones. At a retail price of $59.99, they’re a great deal for the awesome audio they pack. Plus, the Evac Headphones are comfortable and adjust well to fit all users. And personally, I love the look. If you’re heading back to school and you’re on a budget (and even if you’re not), consider the Evac Headphones. They’ve got everything you want.

Check them out here: [easyazon-link asin=”B007BPR4Y2″ locale=”us”]Wicked WI8500 EVAC Headphone – Black[/easyazon-link]


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