Android’s New YouTube App is Pretty Fantastic

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Those of you with Android devices may want to check if your YouTube app has downloaded the latest update. This update brings a big design change to the app. I’d even go so far to say this is the biggest update we’ve seen in a long time. So what’s new in this app?

For the first time, we can navigate YouTube while videos are playing. If you swipe down from the video, it will minimize in the lower right-hand corner of the screen. You can then continue to browse the entire app without ever stopping the video. If you want to close the video, just swipe it to the left or right. If you do it slowly, you’ll notice the video and its audio fading as you get closer to swiping it away. It’s a nice touch.

Google also introduced its cards design language in this version. The basic layout of YouTube is largely the same, but the borders that separate elements in the app are in card form. If you’ve used other Google apps such as Google Now, Google+, Drive and others, you’re already familiar with the cards.

The landscape orientation on smaller tablets such as the Nexus 7 has also changed. When you’re playing a video, turning the tablet in landscape mode no longer automatically makes the video full screen. Instead, you still have access to the YouTube interface as the video plays. You can pop into full screen mode by tapping the expanding arrows on the actual video.

Access to HD and closed captioning controls are now located behind a drop menu in the upper right hand corner of the video. It may take an additional step to enable these features, but it does look nice.

If you want access to the app right now, Android Police has an APK you can download right now.

Read [Android Police]


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