Rumor: Galaxy Gear Specifications Emerge, Expected to Launch on September 4

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motorolasmartwatchA number of rumors in the past pointed out a possible launch of the alleged smartwatch from the Korean gian, known as the Samsung Galaxy Gear. Last week, the folks at SamMobile managed to get information about the specifications of this alleged Galaxy Gear smartwatch.

And now, GigaOm reports more information about the smartwatch and confirms that it will see daylight on September 4 in Berlin. On top of that, GigaOm reports that the smarwatch will feature a 2.5 inch OLED display with a dual-core processor, accelerometer, speakers and built-in NFC technology.

This information reported comes in line with the report published on SamMobile apart from the display.

GigaOm reports,

It is said to be around 2.5 inches diagonally (and 3 inches diagonally including the case), is powered by a dual core processor and should have pretty decent battery life. That information lines up with an earlier SamMobile report suggesting a Samsung Exynos 4212 dual core 1.5GHz with Mali-400 MP4 GPU and a 320 x 320 resolution display.

Galaxy Gear will connect with the phone using Samsung Watch Manager app using Bluetooth technology. It is reported that the device will feature Bluetooth LE to connect to phones and tablets. Interestingly, the device will not be able to use applications from Google Play Store, instead it will utilize applications from Samsung App Store. This could mean that the watch will only connect with Samsung devices and not all Android devices.

In case you don’t know, the near-accurate publication SamMobile reported that the device is expected to feature a 1.67 inch display boasting a resolution of 320 x 320, Samsung Exynos 4212 dual-core processor clocked at 1.5GHz with ARM Mali-400 MP4 GPU, 1GB RAM, 2 MB camera, Bluetooth and built-in NFC technology.

Now, to find out how much truth lies in these rumors, we must wait for September 4. It is time that you should mark your calendars for September 4 to find out everything about the Samsung Galaxy Gear as well as Galaxy Note III.


<Source: SamMobile | GigaOM>

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