Huawei Ascend W2 Goes On Sale in China, Costs the Equivalent of $160

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Huawei Ascend W2Leaked, rumored and teased numerous times in the past few months, Huawei’s Ascend W2 is yet to be formally introduced to the world. Unless we’ve missed something, because apparently the company’s second Windows Phone 8-based device is available for sale in China starting a few hours ago.

As the name suggests, the W2 is a much welcomed upgrade of the seven-month young Ascend W1, but the odd thing is it’s not pricier than that thing. Odd, but definitely not unpleasant, because there’s nothing cooler than being able to score a fairly decent mid-range smartphone for 999 Yuan, which is 162 US bucks, give or take a nickel or two.

Fingers crossed for Huawei to be able to keep the price bar so low when and if the W2 will make its way to Europe and America, though we know of at least one company that might not enjoy that very much.

I’m talking about Nokia, of course, which is close to monopolizing the minuscule Windows Phone market, especially as far as budget-conscious, low-end and mid-range gadgets are concerned.

Anyhow, let’s quickly run through W2’s surprisingly neat specs, starting with a 4.3-inch 800 x 480 pix res IPS panel, dual-core 1.4 GHz processor and 5 MP rear camera. You also get 8 GB of on-board storage, microSD support and, hopefully, 1 full gig of RAM.


<Source: Unwired View>

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